Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hilary Clinton hits Donald Trump for response to leaked video.

There has been a lot of tension between these two sides, owing to the upcoming elections at stake. Hilary Clinton on one hand doesn't cease to probe the republican nominee Donald Trump.

Just yesterday on Monday, in her debate against rival Donald Trump, Clinton has said that she doesn't believe he was truly repentant about a leaked audio tape that shows Trump making lewd comments about women.

"Donald Trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologising", she said in Columbus, Ohio.

This was in response to a 2005 leaked tape which showed Donald Trump boasting about being able to assault women adding that it is a right given to him as a result of his fame.

Trump shocking and derogatory comments about groping women.

It is probably news already that Donald Trump has been caught in the middle of a messy scandal at a very crucial point in the upcoming elections.

A tape was reportedly leaked which reveals Trump making lewd comments about women. His remarks were recorded on microphone before a segment on "Access Hollywood".

Trump waved off the comments as "locker room" talk, admitting that he was not proud of it. "If anyone was offended" Major Garrett reports.

12-Year-Old Boy Receives a staggering $110,000 Google Bill

A Spanish 12 year old has reportedly made a big mistake, when he confused Google Adwords and AdSense trying to sell his brand. This mistake almost cost him $112,000. Oops.

José Javier had signed up for Adwords instead of AdSense, with the belief that he would make money when people clicked on the advertisement. Unknown to him that the service actually charges account holders for clicks on their advertisements.

I guess he probably couldn't tell the difference. However, the company (Google) fully understood the situation.

Javier would not be charged as Google has reserved it's comments in response to NBC News' request for comments. By the way Google has a page that explains the difference between these two.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Koga entertainment chairman passes on.

It has reached our ears that the chairman of KOGA entertainment died just yesterday in a ghastly motor accident.

It was reported that his Range Rover car had a fatal collision with a parked trailer by the lagos-Ibadan express way at about 1am yesterday.

Koga entertainment has several subsidiaries: Koga Xtra TV, Koga studios, KICL Clothings, Koga lounge, among others. Our sincere condolence to Koga ent. for their loss.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.